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Incorporated in December 2004, Dalian Chuangxin Construction Group Co., Ltd. is a Grade I general contractor approved by the government for building engineering and construction. Its predecessor, Dalian Chuangxin Construction Co., Ltd. was founded in September 2002.

Chuangxin Group is a comprehensive corporation mainly engaged in construction  and  construction  supporting  facilities. The Group consists of four subsidiaries, namely Dalian Huaze Labor contracting Co., Ltd., Dalian Chuangxin Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd. , Dalian Jiayuan Electrical Installation Co., Ltd. , and Dalian Zhongcheng Building Material Co., Ltd. Besides, the group possesses six professional branches, offering various construction services from architectural decoration, steel structure installation, construction of municipal public work to hoisting equipment erection,construction electromechanical installation and labor contracting. The group is a construction general contracting company with strong economic strength, rich construction experience, sufficient technical strength as well as favourable social credibility. With a registered capital of 61 million Yuan, including more than 180 units of different construction machines, vehicles and facilities. We have the construction ability of contracting high-rise housing construction projects, large span bent frame structure industrial plant project, steel structure workshop project, network structure roofing engineering, Mpi membrane network wall project, municipal utilities project, mechanical and electrical equipment installation, architectural decoration, earthwork, and hoisting equipment erection.

In our group, the legal person and the shareholders’ committee are at the core, under the leadership of the general manager, we have a sound organizational structure, all departments are properly staffed as well as effective rules and regulations. According to ISO international quality management system and national construction safety management requirements to establish and improve a completely scientific management system.

Dalian Chuangxin Construction Group Co., Ltd. looks forward to joining hands with our friends and creating a better tomorrow through cooperation and collaboration.



Grade I general contractor for building construction; Grade II contractor for architectural decoration; Grade II contractor for steel structure installation; Grade III contractor for municipal utilities construction; Grade III contractor for hoisting equipment erection; Grade III contractor for electromechanical.
Over the years, Chuangxin fulfilled 100% of signed construction contracts without exception, and 96% of our constructions were delivered with high quality. For many successive years Chuangxin won a number of honorable titles including “Creditable Contractor”, “National AAA Credibility for Construction Contractors”, “Grand Medal” granted by Dalian Municipal Government’s Guangcai Program, “Gold Medal” granted by Harbin, Changchun and Dalian in a joint safety inspection, “Liaoning Construction Engineering Century Cup project” , “Liaoning high quality main structure project”, “Dalian safety and quality standardization management demonstration project”,etc.

Address: Zhanqian Subdistrict, Jinzhou District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province, China Tel: 86-411-87840011 (Office) 87840022 (Operation Dept.) Fax: 86-411-87840011