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1、 We decorate and construct elaborately Double D Port photo communication industrial garden office building. Its architecture area is 18200㎡, it is six floors, framework and the whole sculpt is circular arc. These all brings a lot of difficulties for indoor decoration. Decoration engineering includes: ventilation, air-condition installation, fire control installation and reconstruction, installation and reconstruction of water supply and drainage, reconstruction and installation of electricity, elaborate decoration of different indoor rooms and design and decoration of hall.

2、 We construct 37001 army training center with higher level construction and large-volume concrete. Army training center is an integrating hotel architecture that is invested and built by Dalian YiHeng Property Management Company., Ltd. Under-ground has 2 floors, above-ground has 32 floors. The sculpt is made up of two circular arcs and two straight sects. Construction paying off adopts firstly lofting, then adopts angle interjunction method and single-double 程閉合差 method; form board construction adopts firstly lofting for circular arc section, then makes case-hardened form board; column adopts the method of inside wood form board and outside steel form board in order to orientation and precision of framework. The thickness of motherboard of basement is 1200㎜ and the area of motherboard is 2400㎡. For construction in winter, through calculation and investigation, we set up practical construction project that is suitable for construction, adopts the method of combining with control and protection and guarantees quality of motherboard concrete during the course of construction in winter.

3、 Wire frame engineering and double-layers reinforcing steel bar technique are applied in DaXian New-built Eatery Engineering that is an employee eatery invested and built by DaXian Joint-stock Company., Ltd. It is framework, roof covering is wire frame; the length of wire frame is 68 meter and the area is 2050㎡. Double profiling steel plate is laid on wire frame and rock wool is clipped for heat preservation. Frame floor slab adopts double-layers reinforcing steel bar technique, 棒扎后的reinforcing steel bar is more normative than common round bar, especially site of 負彎距reinforcing steel bar is easily fixed. These all save 30% quantity of steel usage and save energy sources.

4、 High speed, high quality main part frame construction is applied in YinHuan Garden E# building engineering. Underground has 3 floors and above-ground has 20 floors. The architecture area is 26500㎡. In 1 July 2001, we organized to dig earthwork of foundation pit, finished the closedtop of reinforcing steel bar concrete in 27 Oct 2001 and finished the masonry of filling wall in 10 Nov 2001. this engineering was appraised as "Qualified Mainstay of Liaoning Province".
5、 The covering area of Double D DaXian Electron 1# Workshop is 14000㎡, it is two-layers framework, architecture area is 28000㎡ and covering area of bottom layer is 14000㎡. We adopt the method of tracking measure with instruments while pouring concrete and solve difficult problems that flatness of large area concrete floor has some difficulties to be controlled. After finishing main part, flatness of floor concrete is within the scope that error is allowed. The waterproof of roof covering is SBS modified asphaltum coiled material waterproof. A specialty of engineering is to solve the construction method of large area waterproof.

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