Continuous Improvement, Sustainable Innovation.  
1.Dalian Zhongcheng Building Material Co., Ltd.
As a subsidiary of Dalian Chuangxin Construction Group Co., Ltd., Dalian Zhongcheng Building Material Co., Ltd. specializes in research, development, manufacture, sales, construction and service of energy-saving heat insulating materials for building walls and related products. Its predecessor was Construction Material Branch of Dalian Chuangxin Construction Co., Ltd. founded in 2005. With an aim to better cope with social development, we registered as an independent legal entity a few years ago.
We have a fully automated EPS board production line with a capacity of 120,000 cubic meters per year, and a fully automated coating production line with a capacity of 10,000 tons of latex paints for interior/exterior walls and floor paints. We also produce related supporting products.
All of our products have been tested by Dalian Construction Quality Test Center Co., Ltd. as in compliance with relevant technical specifications. We have our own R&D and testing labs equipped with a complete set of instruments for overall control over product quality.

Dalian Huaze Labor Contract Co.,ltd.was incorporated in Dec.7.2004,is a subsidiary of Dalian Chuanxin Construction Group Co.,ltd.The registered address is at Ershilipu Town,Dalian Bonded Area.The company is a modern construction enterprises in accordance with the requirements ofr qualification management professional construction labor.

The professional type of work configuration is complete,holding the certificate mount guard.We are committed to the management of high-tech talents,at the same time,building the sound quotation system,increasing the number of works with licenses,improving the wage guarantee system,the production safety measures and the life management safeguard measures.We not only attaches great importance to introducing talents,but also attaches importance to training skilled workers with intermediate and advanced vocational qualifications.All workers on site have received systematic safety and technical training.

Our company focuses on improving the own quality,with the contract period,excellent quality,satisfactory service to win credibility,for the future development to lay a solid foundation.With scientific management,careful construction,good use of new technology to advocate high quality and low consumption,to creat first-class performance to ensure the quality of precision,and creat an excellent image of engineering and enterprice.

3、Dalian ChuangXin Gardens Afforest Engineering Company., Ltd
ChuangXin Gardens Afforest Engineering Company., Ltd was established in 13 Mar 2003 and its registration capital is a million and two hundred thousand yuan. Its main managing scope includes: garden afforest, construction 小品, construction sculpture and sell of flower and wood. Its former is Dalian Jinzhou Second Architecture Engineering Company Second Sub-company Afforest Construction Group. With division and reorganization of Jinzhou Second Architecture 

Engineering Company Second Sub-company, as the independent subordinate company of Dalian ChuangXin Construction Company., Ltd, it faces to society and contributes for gardens afforest. Main achievement in recent two years includes: finish 16250㎡DaXian special equipment factory plant side afforest; finish 41395㎡ double D port photo communication industrial garden plant side afforest and plant 1600 trees whose survival rate reaches to 100%.

4、Earthwork Increasing Project Construction
Earthwork increasing project aptitude of the company is third grade. The company owns 10 self-discharging earthmoving trucks, 1 pull-shovel grab and 4 platform trucks. Main achievement in recent two years includes: finish a hundred and forty thousand m3 earthwork of Jinzhou YuCai elementary school, two hundred thousand m3 earthwork of photo communication industrial garden and road;

two hundred and sixty thousand m3 earthwork of DaXian electron engineering; a hundred and ten thousand m3 basic earthwork of Dalian Art Professional College dormitory and three hundred thousand m3 earthwork of DaXian special equipment factory and road.
5、Steel Frame Engineering
Increasing project aptitude of steel frame is second grade. The company owns whole steel frame construction and testing equipments and instruments. The company may undertake steel frame engineering with not more than 24 meters span, not more than 600 tons weight and not more than 6000㎡monomer architecture area. The company may undertake manufacture and installation of wire frame engineering with not more than 24 meters side length, not more than 120 tons total weight and not more than 1200㎡ architecture area.
6、Electromechanical Equipment Installation Engineering
Increasing project aptitude of electromechanical equipment installation is third grade. The company may undertake installation of equipment, pipeline, circuit and piping of common industry, public and civil building projects with not more than 8 million yuan and manufacture and installation of NONSTD steel component.
7、 Hoisting Equipment Installation Engineering
Increasing project aptitude of hoisting equipment installation engineering is third grade. The company may undertake installation and demolition of hoisting equipment including construction tower crane, etc with not more than 800KN.M, undertake installation and demolition of crane and gantry crane with not more than 60 tons.
Formerly konown as Electrical Installation Team of Dalian Chuangxin Construction Co.,ltd.,Dalian Jiayuan Electrcal Installation Co.,ltd.was formally registered on Seprember 5th,2003 as a member company of Dalian Chuangxin Construction Group.
With a registered capital of 3.1 million Yuan,our fixed assets now grow to 1.06million Yuan,liquid fund 2.55million Yuan,total assets3.61million Yuan.Scope of business:low-volfage installations related to earthwork,Registered address:Ershilipu Town,Dalian Bonded Area.The company possesse 18 different construction machines and facilities.Among our 100 employees 33 are engineering and economic management staff with job titls,including 29 engineers and ten with senior or intermediate job tiles.After many years of growth,the company has developed aprfessional construction team supported by powerful economic strength,complete line of construction equipment,competent technical force and top-grade construction quality.
Address: Zhanqian Subdistrict, Jinzhou District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province, China Tel: 86-411-87840011 (Office) 87840022 (Operation Dept.) Fax: 86-411-87840011